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Ryan W

Recently my wife was about to discharge from a rehab facility. As you could imagine we were very concerned how we would be able to handle our new lives at home. Lucky for us the facility referred my wife to Advanced Clinical Associate. WOW! They were such a life saver. We were met at the facility by a girl named Ashley who walked us through what we would expect from their staff, because we were so overwhelmed with discharging, we needed to follow up with the information provided. We spoke with their office staff and were provided even more information and our nurse contacted us right after the call. It was so great to have such amazing care in our home. If you are using this home health company you are truly in the best hands!!

Mark H

These guys are the best in home health. I’ve known them for years and the people they help are all ages and backgrounds – #Alzheimer’s #stroke and many are a more mature demographic who may not know how to write a review. – I’m sure they will have more soon! They deserve it!

Mike L

When we need extra assistance for with my mom, we always reach out to Dave and the team at ACA. It’s great to know she’s with someone I trust.

Karen J

**Snowbird Friendly**
While on a trip from Canada to Scottsdale, AZ, my daughter was in need of medical attention for a leg wound which she had suffered on her vacation. I was extremely pleased with the excellent care she received from Advanced Clinical Associate. The office staff was extremely friendly and helped us navigate the US health system. We were very pleased with the amount of attention they provided to ensure her recovery/healing process was going well before her return to Canada.

Erik P

Excellent company!

Melissa S

When my husband was in an accident and badly burned, we had ACA help take care of him for weeks after he returned home. It gave me such peace of mind knowing I could return to work and he would be well taken care of!

Michael L

When we need extra assistance for with my mom, we always reach out to Dave and the team at ACA. It’s great to know she’s with someone I trust.

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