When you are little you are taught the ways of the world from your family. This might look like going to school and get an education, getting a job, marrying young, having kids and then retiring. Most people grew up watching their grandparents getting older and then being placed into a living facility. Your parents did this for your grandparents, and your grandparents did this for their parents as well. So naturally, you assume this is the way it is supposed to be. But studies show that 9 out of 10 Americans 65 years and older want to stay at home for as long as possible. Thanks to advances in the home care industry and more flexible health care legislation over the last few decades, the “Aging in Place” generation was born.

Senior home care patient enjoying time at home with the family on a tree swing in the front yard

Aging in place is the lifestyle choice where you remain in your own home for the later years of your life. There is no moving into a retirement community, assisted living, or even a smaller home. Over 80% of Americans in their early 70’s own their home and feel that they’ve worked hard for years to achieve this dream. So what better way to live out your life, than in the comfort and security of your own home. You don’t have to give up all those amazing memories you have gained over the years, and to ensure this doesn’t happen, you can actively plan ahead to stay in your home.

Planning Ahead to Stay in Your Home

Without having a crystal ball no one can really know what the future holds. But the best thing you can do is take a look at the situation you are currently in. Do you or your spouse have any current illnesses like diabetes or emphysema? Are you aware of any genetic illness that past and present family members are currently dealing with? Having answers to some of these basic questions can help you prepare for your future. By providing your doctor with this information, they can shed light on potential health risks that you could potential face in the near future.

Home care aide assisting an elderly woman with breakfast and enjoying the social time

Help for Staying at Home – Home Health

After having a better understanding of potential health risks from your doctor. You are aware of the medical concerns. But there is also natural aging to consider too. Home Care is a great asset to have for aging in place. With Home Care you can have an aide come into your home and help with basic tasks like housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, and medication reminders. They can come in just for a couple hours a day and just a few times a week, or more complex cases could require twenty-four-hour assistance. Many people make the mistake of having their own loved ones come in to help them during the week. While that is possible, you need to ensure that you aren’t leaning too much on your family. This will cause underlining tensions, and can cause burnout for everyone involved. Paying the extra money to have senior home care come into your home is well worth the money.

Where Can I Look for Help Staying at Home?

When looking for senior home care you can start by looking for companies in your area by doing a simple Google search for home care. Look for home care that helps with basic daily living activities. There are home care companies that offer skilled nursing care too, this can include providing services for wound care, medication administration, and spinal cord injuries. When speaking with a home care company be sure to let them know that you are planning on aging in place in your own home. They will be able to provide you more information on how their skills and services can help you stay in your home. Growing old with a senior home care company will help to ensure that your health and wishes are always a top priority.

Get ready to kick that traditional model of growing old out the window, and start living the later years of your life to the fullest. After all aging is out of your control, but how you handle it, though, is in your own hands.